ACTIVE COATING – Shield System

Indoor air purification

binds and decomposes ULTRAFINE DUST

With unique technology against indoor pollutants

With unique technology against indoor pollutants. Those exposed to fine dust, germs and pollen have an increased risk of secondary diseases such as asthma, bronchitis or even dementia, Alzheimer’s, heart attack and cancer – scientists and medical experts agree on this. The micro-particles settle in every household or public building and can only be fought with our new technology. ACTIVE COATING, our innovative photocatalytic coating process that immensely improves indoor air quality.

Air purification

By pure force of light and air

Both artificial and natural light activates the glass surfaces to attract viruses and bacteria to decompose them.

Function at



Function at


artificial light

Decomposes up to


Viruses & Bacteria

24h/d | 7 d/week | 365 d/year

Permanent filtering

The new ACTIVE COATING system works throughout the whole day – and also at night.





Good for our environment

and for humanity

ACTIVE COATING. Quiet, no energy needed, works odorless, you’ll never have to change a filter again. Emission free!

The difference

Light spectrum

After many years of research, our team has succeeded in doting the semiconductors so that they work not only in the UV range but also in visible light.



fewer particles in the air79%


Thanks to the unique doping of the semiconductors, active coating reduces ultrafine dust by 79% in just 1.5 hours

TÜV test report



The formula against ultrafine dust, viruses, bacteria and allergens for all glass surfaces with a 30-year guarantee, applied by you to glass. PURbcAIR bonds permanently to the glass surface and cannot be removed by any conventional cleaning agent.

The formula against ultrafine dust, viruses, bacteria and allergens for mineral substrates such as concrete, walls and facades. Every craftsman and hobby craftsman can apply PURbcWALL to the desired mineral surface. Our product is colorless and easy to apply.

Seit einigen Wochen sind wir sehr glücklich darüber, die Active Coating Beschichtung zu haben. Frische, klare Luft im ganzen Haus, die Augen-Trockenheit ist komplett weg. Für Tiere Besitzer sehr empfehlenswert, da die Gerüche viel schneller verfliegen. Wir sind begeistert!(Translated by Google) For a few weeks now we have been very happy to have the Active Coating coating. Fresh, clear air throughout the house, the dryness of the eyes is completely gone. For animal owners very recommendable as the smells evaporate much faster We are excited!Marketa Sura
Wir haben die Beschichtung Active Coating seit ca. 3 Wochen Zuhause. Das Ganze ist einfach nur genial. Obwohl öfter kein Fenster geöffnet ist, hat man den Eindruck das doch eins offen steht. Die Luft ist klarer und reiner. Unangenehme Gerüche jeglicher Art verschwinden viel schneller. Auch ist dadurch die Pollenbelastung im Wohnraum bedeutend geringer und mein Heuschnupfen ist so gut wie nicht spürbar. Diese Beschichtung kann ich nur jedem Empfehlen .Steffen P. aus Gersthofen(Translated by Google) We have had the Active Coating coating at home for about 3 weeks. The whole thing is just awesome. Although often no window is open, one has the impression that one is open. The air is clearer and cleaner. Unpleasant smells of all kinds disappear much faster. This also significantly reduces the pollen load in the living room and my hay fever is barely noticeable. I can only recommend this coating to everyone.Steffen P. from GersthofenSteffen Paul
Seitdem PURE AIR vor ein paar Wochen bei uns auf die Fenster beschichtet wurde, ist mein Heuschnupfen zu Hause quasi weg. Für mich eine absolute Erleichterung, da ich oft nachts schlecht Luft bekommen habe und tagsüber viel niesen musste. Auch Gerüche nach dem Kochen sind viel schneller verflogen, als noch vor ein paar Wochen. Wir sind absolut zufrieden.(Translated by Google) Since PURE AIR was coated on our windows a few weeks ago, my hay fever at home has almost disappeared. It was an absolute relief for me, as I often had difficulty breathing at night and had to sneeze a lot during the day. Even smells after cooking evaporated much faster than a few weeks ago. We are absolutely satisfied.Julia Moessle


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